Facilities-MetricFox Global Logistics Park

MetricFox Global Logistics Park is a planned zone to carry out logistic functional activities to varying degrees in one premise. Our business centre is well equipped with spacious office space & facilities such as laptops/ desktops, furniture, printers, and more (on demand).

It is our constant endeavour to make the make the premises as nature friendly as possible through rain harvesting and water recycling. Our advanced logistic services comprises of

Call Centre Services
  • 24x7x365 multi-channel contact centre
  • Centralized office for on-line filing & documentation
  • Facilities for voice logger, IVR, video conferencing across all branches
  • On-the-job/full-time training coaching & certification facility
Warehouse with storage space that facilitates
  • Dock-leveller
  • Cargo elevator
  • State-of-art handling equipments
  • Top (WMS) Web based Management software system

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